Monday, March 30, 2009

I cant stand ruisheng !

omg , today so friggin funny ! everything was boring and sleepy until maths lessons ! yah , ms lau werent here , so i turned back and asked ruisheng how to do the english thingy . SOO FUNNY SIAH , i see his face i can laugh until i peng liao ! then we joke somemore , than the ryan come . EXTRAA LAHH . mousey ! xD they 2 seriously joker siol . how i hope everyday could be the same . Laughin and blahh ~ all the problems would be chased away ;x lols , short post lahh , lazy to post nowadays -.- Mum's away in genting ;O JEALOUS BOTOH . nbm , i goin Batam soon , 2 weeks from now ;D GAHH ! hope mum will get me something from gentin o.o GOD PLS MAKE HER RMB ! lols , boring lah , ending here ;D MISS ME DUDES !

Im finally slowly letting go ;] A rainbow's waiting for me , here I come ..

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was just gone for 1 day , and my whole life changed . I seriously dont understand ! I should stop talking to some boys , for they are cannot-let-down ones . And if you ever do so , its enermy . God , why must you all be so narrow-minded ? You guys just lost your pride and face . Yes , i admit im not a good girl . If so , stop moanin and whinin . Stop blaming on others . Stop being a fool . I seriously had more than enough than in the past . Piece of crap . Cool , now you've won . You made everyone thought it was my fault . Blame me for all I care . So every single boy in the world , take this as a warnin . Im not gonna be a good girl , not for a million years , so , curse me to be unwanted until the day i die . Enermy ? Sure , its not a lost to be losing such a person lyk you . Hate me all you want . Tell everyone to blame me , hate me and any other thing you can think of . If you ever realise your mistakes , than good for you . This teach you to not be rude to ppl . Dont wait till you've lost them then you come blame them for not understanding you and not thought of your feelings . Spare a thought for them beforehand . Okay , enough , its no point right ? Done , everything ends here and nothing continues forever .

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well , passed Terrecia's & Ruisheng's blog and noticed they tagged me with a quiz . Decided to do it because boredom is a murderer .

Write the names of 21 friends you can think on the top of your head.And then answer the questions.After doing this, tag your 21 friends to do the same ;D

2. Putri
3. Afiqah
4. Natasha
5. Lina
6. Yinjia
7. Hanyi
8. Jaime
9. Victoria
10. Eddie
11. Serene
12. Shawn
13. Shalote
14. Gerald.C
15. Khaiteng
16. Brian
17. Felicia
18. Brandon
19. Lynn
20. Shaun
21. Phyllis

How did you get to meet 7 ? (Hanyi)
♥Sec 1 Bestie ;]

What will you do if you & 15 never met ? (Khaiteng)
♥A great gan would be lost ;[

What will you do if 20 & 1 date ?( RUISHENG & Phyllis )
♥Ppl would die of shock after hearing the news .

Have you ever seen 17 cry ? (Felicia)
♥oh yes !

Would 4 & 16 be a good couple ? (Natasha & Brian)
♥Kaa , maybe xD

Do you think 11 is attractive ? (Serene)
♥hell NO YES ;x

What is 2's favourite colour ? (Putri)
♥Well , i dont know !

When was the last time you talk to 9 ? (Victoria)
♥Today after sch

What language does 8 speak ? (Jaime)
♥Chinese is wad i communicate her with , others , i dont know ;]

Who is 13 going out with ? (Shalote)
♥ZongRuu ! x]

What grade is 12 in ? (Shawn)
♥Secondary 2

Would you ever date 17 ? (Felicia)
♥Shes My Gf !

Where does 18 lives ? (Brandon)
♥Ask Hanyi ;D

What is the best thing about 3 ? (Afiqah)
♥Marvellous Frendd

What would you like to tell 10 right now ? (Eddie)
♥I Love You Darling !

What is the best thing about 20 ? (Shaun)
♥He's a boy ? o.o

Have you ever kiss 5 ? (Lina)
♥No & Never !

What was the best memory you had with 21 ? (Phyllis)
♥I laugh at her lame jokes

When's the next time you gonna see 6 ? (Yinjia)
♥Not until monday . ( Awws .. )

How is 14 & 12 different ? (Gerald.C & Shawn)
♥Best gannns ! <3

Is 19 pretty ? (Lynn)
♥To me , HELL YESSH !

What was your first impression of 11 ? (Serene)
♥A xiaocharborh who loves to sing and is currently sittin with Fauzi in class

How did you met 20 ? (Shaun)
♥Hmm , opps , i actually forgot o.o Maybe through a fren ..?

Have you seen 18 in the last month ? (Brandon)
♥I see him almost everyday !

When was the last time you see 16 ? (Brian)
♥Today lahh

Have you been to 5's house ? (Lina)
♥Sadly , no D;

When's the next time you gonna see 10 ? (Eddie)
♥Maybe Monday ;]

Are you close to 13 ? (Shalote)
♥You can say so ;]

Have you been to a movie with 4 ? (Natasha)
♥No Lahh D;

Have you gotten into trouble with 8?(Jaime)
♥No ! We're Cool ;D

Would you give 19 a hug ? (Lynn)
♥Of Course , at the appropriate timing ;]

When have you lied to 3 ? (Afiqah)
♥In my memory , no ;]

Is 16 good at sociallizing ? (Brian)
♥Hes a professional

Do you know a secret about 9 ? (Victoria)
♥Nahh !

Describe the relationship between 12 & 18. (Shawn & Brandon)
♥Frends ? ><

What's the best thing about your friendship with 9 ? (Victoria)
♥ZD lyks her ;D

What's the worst thing about 6 ? (Yinjia)
♥She's nv hyper D;

Have you ever had a crush on 12 ? (Shawn)
♥oh god , hes my mummy !

Does 14 have a bf/gf ? (Gerald.C)
♥Hes currently pathetically single , LONERR !

Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face ? ( RUISHENG )
♥YES , EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE ! its easy when hes just behind me ;D

Has 21 met your mother ? (Phyllis)
♥dont think so ;]

How did you get to meet 15 ? (Khaiteng)
♥Sec 1 HCL class ;D

Have you ever physically hurt 3 ? (Afiqah)
♥Hell No !

Do you live close to 7 ? (Hanyi)
♥1 at PR , another at EC , wad do you think ?

What's 8's favourite food?(Jaime)
♥Weijun buy / make one xD

What kinda car does 1 have ? (RUISHENG)
♥He's too poor to afford one ! he spent all on teletubies xD

Have you ever travelled anywhere with 9 before ? (Victoria)
♥Maybe this June ;]

If you give 14 $100, what will he/she spent on ? (Gerald.C)
♥I'll ask him to return xD

GAHHH , finally finished lahh ! lols , yeah , IN YOUR FACE RUISHENG . i hate you D;

Kaahaa .

well , life hadnt got any better ;O hadnt been posting this few days cause i dont feel lyk doin so , soooo .. yeah , im here to update before my blog becomes a living zombie o.o well , yeah , today
s friday . had choir exchange with east spring . god , it was so "fabulous" with all the weather and the wonderful comments . haih , life's a good damn screwer . my friends around me are givin me crap attitudes . so retardedd . and god hadnt been helpin me too . today MsLau just gave me a super fuckish attitude . ask Natasha from 2e4 to replay wad happened . AND LAUGH OFF YOUR HEADS . boring nowadays . shall end here , i've got nothing else to talk abt o.o Chao .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dorkk -.-

oh god , 1st day of sch was lyk fcuk -.- so totally not in the mood . with my freaktard hair , and the attitude everyone around are givin me , im seriously fed up with my freakishly suckin life . WAD'S WRONG MANN . zzz , why cant life be much more easier on me ? when will my attitude change ? when can i learn to control my temper ? when can i learn to control my emotions ?! holy damn , wad's wrong with me ? every part of me is so so so so wrong ! i feel like restartin my life again , im sure everything will be better than now . can anybody be holy enough to help me ? im goin bonkers alrdy . someday you'll see me holdin a chopper , runnin down the street choppin anyone i see . i seriously had enough . pls guide me through the remainin journey safe and sound my lord .

Im Tryin My Best ..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


oh godd ! look at the picture ! yeah , we're the bob-sters ;D lols , our hair are so bobby then we rock everyone's ass off to eternity ! KAHHHHH ! ;DDDD ok , seriously i have no idea how to face my fellow frends in sch tmr ! ;O Gahh , Bob-Freakkker ! xD


Friday, March 20, 2009

4th Post For The Day ..

4th post for the Day ; SEE HOW BORED I AM !
RAWRR , im sooo super boredd .. its only 11+ and im alrdy feelin sleepy ! Ima poor soul , tmr i have to go to my sis house to take care for her kids and i also have to help sell things door-to-door ! yuckk ! im gonna be sooo tired tmr kay .. Woo , got a photo of Gerald Bibi which i edited , budden he donwan me post cause too act cute liao worhs ! ;x HAIHH , somebody save me from the torture of holiday homework ! Gahh , im so not into life kays D; problems revolvin all around me , ughh , i can alrdy die lahh ! lalalala , i needa take a break , GETTA KIT-KAT ! -.- yes , im bored to hell yeah . AND I ROCKED GERALD BIBI'S ASS OFF TO PLUTO ! ... dots ;p I WANNA GO SHOPPIN FOR NEW CLOTHES ! ... okay , i have to get goin before i crapp too much here .. i know its my blog and i can say anything i want , but yeah , for the sake of my visitors' eyes , and trying to refrain them from gettin an eye sore , i will stop here ;) GOODNITES .

GAHH ! frustrated lyk a mad ass .


woah , finally finish the maths siah ! 122 questions ! wad freakish crap is that ?! Gahh , im dying ! anyway , i skipped more then half of the questions , hahaha ! xD i rock ! now left with ace-learnin , asknlearn and chinese . GOD , PLS HELP MEEE !

Gaa !

KAAA ! yeahh , changed my blogskin again x) nice nice lahh ! andd RELINK plox ! ;O lovedd ! xDD

haih , if you're sad , i cant help much , but pls , get over with it . if you're not , well , thats the best yeah ;] i find out that we really do get along better when we're frends rather than being in ths complicated and nv working out relationship . hope you find your true love soon ;DD

Muahaas ;D

hee ;D today was the last day of choir xD yeah , was supposedd to meet felicia at 8 , but i was late again ;O i find myself being late more and more , and i have no idea why uhh ! anyway , ended up reachin there at 8.30+ , with caroline and belinda ;) bought mac breakfast to sch AVA and eat , cause no time uhh ! when we reached sch AVA , the menghwee passed me something from ZD that was supposed to be passed to Victoria xD then i passed to her and finish eating my 1st hotcake then mr lee came in ! AHH ! stoped eating and went to sing . sing unti lyk 10.30+ we went to eat our appreciation lunch ! reached the canteen and started eating my hotcake again , but hotcake change into coldcake -.- everything was so yuckish ! in the end endedd up eating mee siam with the chicken wings and fishball xD then went home with serene . boring day lahh , AND MY HOMEWORKS ARE STILL UNTOUCHEDD ! ;O
I CAN DIEEE ! argh ! shall do it later ;] ima go bath now , tata ;DD

finally im free from your cage .
i can live the life i lived before .
might not get into another relationship anymore .
its just extra problems to lil kiddos lyk me ;D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


hello peeps who visits my blog xD im deciding to make my post shorter because im sooo lazy ;x yeahh , im also still deciding if i wanna be a fan of twiling and all its series ;D almost everybody around me is crazy abt it , ESPECIALLY CHERRY AND DADDY . they're the only 2 person i noe who is super crazy abt them . dont know why , but yeah , they are o_O muaheehees ;O

oh yeahh , today choir was soooo "Er-hem" . was suppose to meet lynn at ws at 7am , but guess wad ? i woke up at 7am , hahaha xD sorrie honey ;X lols , rushed there and managed to reach around 7.30am , heehee ;] yah , and we slacked until 12plus , with yingling coming 1st , then felicia then belinda . went to choir , lalala ~ endedd 4plus , bused to ws and belinda alighted with me ! lol , my day is boring uhh ! D; anyway , tmr ima go watch movie , muahaha , LOOKING FORWARD TO IT ! lols , and khaiteng became my Gan-Shuaige , hee ;P omg , rockers of my world yeah ! kakakakaka . okay , im totally bored-out D; ima end here , i'll blabber more nonsense if i continue xD


Monday, March 16, 2009

Oral Workshop ! Awws !

OMG , today was sooo funn ! met shaun , brandon , hanyi , felicia, adeline , cherry , cheryl , natalie , xinzhi , ruping ( tell me if i missed you out ) at WS mac . ate hotcake meal , and i was so full uhh ! xD then went to sch for the oral workshop ! i seriously thought it would be soooo boring , but guess wad ? it turned out the other way round ! we start playin a game called Spat and Bang or something O_o . ok , it was so fun , i was among the last 5 survivors xD then i kena out cause i bang wrong ppl , ahahaha ! took some photos too ;]

then blah blah blah , break , acting and break and stuffs , FINALLY ENDING ! then we played a game call dono wad .. then yahdiman kena called in to lead us ! so funny siah ! we were soooo high ! damn assy fun ohkays ! xD then it was after sch , had so much laughin on the bus ! took stupid photos of the boys on the bus ! xD after alighting the bus with serene , we went to the hotdog shop and got outselves some hotdog ! xD here's some pic and some videos that was shot during the whole jorney of eating the hotdog and on the mrt ;D and yes , i look and sound super retardedd in the pics and video xD

yeahh , and i went home after that uhh ! xD super fun day ! YAY !

Friday, March 13, 2009


haha , i noe im super lame .

AHH ! had crosscountry today ! oh my gosh , it was a blast ok ?! right ;]

met Menghwee , Phyllis , Hanyi , Shaun , Brandon and Shalote at WS mac today morning ;D

had big breakfast , and planedd to throw up , but my plan didnt work ,

and it ended up having stomachahce after joggin a few steps .

BUT , its still better then nothing ;] i almost walked throught the whole journey ;]

ayye ! i find it so easy to walk throught the 4km !

you know why ? because we always do that last year , and PRP was our common slackin area ;]

we walked until we're used to the long distances ;] AND IT WAS DAMN EASY ;]

startedd last among all the lower sec girls , and it was so cool !

everyone was lookin at us lyk we're the spotlight ,

and we walked passed the ppl along the way , they keep cheering for us to run !

and we waved at our lower and upper sec frends lyk a superstar on a red carpet or something !

hahaha , seriously it was super cool ;] i can swear .

we walked and walked , and when we were reaching the bridge ,

all the lower sec boys started to take over us .

one by one i see their faces , and they were all runnin lyk crazy !

especially the Gerald ! zoomed passed me nv say hi one !

lols , then we walked somemore , and we saw sec2 boys ;]

we cheered for them to run faster , and we werent doin it , it sounded so cool right !

we continued walkin and walkin , then halfway i keep on talkin abt something .

i kept saying " in the whole wide world " and i asked why i did ,

then the felicia very smart .

she say i keep singing the song "Top Of The World" and i was addictedd to it !

and it was really true ! after she said that , we sang it while walkin ,

and it was a free entertainment for everyone around us ! haha ;D

soon we were almost reachin checkpoint 12 , where serene was stationedd ,

giving out water for runners ;]

we sooo disiao , when reaching there we run lyk madd !

i was the 1st to reach her and she was lyk " Aishu ! Drink and Run ! GoGoGo ! "

lols -.- her reaction was so funny you could have laugh until peng .

then after takin the water , i started to walk again , cannot take it ! Arghh !

then slowly the upper secs slowly catch up . SO FASSST !

then we walk somemore ... and somemore ...

finally reaching the finish line liao ! Yay !!

then at 1st it was shalote 1st , then felicia then me ,

budden when really reaching that time ,

i chiong and shout " RUNNNN !!! "

and i passedd felicia , and shalote started running with me .

the felicia also laggy one !

me and shalote run in front liao she still dono !

when we reaching that time then she follow and run !


lols , after that was sooo boring , slackedd and waited for dismissal .


after that , took picture with MrsNg and Serene ;]

haha , so cool right ?! edited by me derh okays ! Standard sure better ! xD Jk .

then after that , me , phyllis , serene , adeline , felicia , cherry , xinzhi , shaun , hanyi , brandon went to DTE .

then finally went to E!Hub eat pasta mania ;]

actually we were the only customers in the restaurant ,

budden ppl all copy us , and started coming in ! Rawrr !

then eat finish , went seperate ways ;]

me , hanyi and felicia walked to felicia house to change !


we had to walk rounds and rounds -.-


whew ! finally reach -.-

spent at least half&hour there ;D

then brandon and gang waited lyk noobs , ahaha ! suckers ;]

then met them , went to brand hse ;]

say wan shyt , budden go bath ! Arghh , make us wait lyk nerds outside his hse D;

and it rainedd , HAHA ! made brand carry umbrella for hanyi ;]

sweet and sugary baby ! xD

lols , then reach there we played and played , so funny siahh !

hanyi recordedd 2 videos .

1 of them was a rdm one , and the other was me forcing brand to say he lyks hanyi ,

and some of them were ppl playin bb ;]

continuedd slackin and having fun , AND I SAW BRAND EZLINK CARD !

hahaha ! so funnehh ! so chubby ! Arghh ! SO CUTTE ~

lols , then EDDIE came , haha !

your name big enough right ?!

lols , then we kept on slackin and playin , soooo funnehh xD

then after sometime , hanyi pei me go WS toilet , hahaha !

after toilet then we sat outside the mall doin nothing ,

LYK A RETARD , totally .

HAHAHA , now at home , so friggin tiredd siahh !

4km + BB + FOOLING AROUND = 101% Tiredness o_O"

im so bloody tiredd ! Arghh ! but its sooo fun !


ok lahh , i end here , ths post lyk quite long xD

enjoy the pics and the videos , i look retardedd and strange in all of them .


i love my everyday of these ;]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Sounds As If It's My Fault .

is it my fault ? is it really mine or the problem is with you ? everything i do's my fault . absolutely in almost everything . i have no freedom at all . if that's really the case , than i cant be botheredd with anymore . it kills me you noe . i think i made a wrong decesion . a very wrong one . i dont even noe myself anymore . im just another person who puts on an act every single day . i hope ths can be solvedd . pretty soon . i am too fed up . dont even bother askin me wad happen . as long as i noe , the heaven and earth noe , its just right . lettin too much ppl noe , it'll turn into a disaster . i nv trust anyone anymore . im gonna flood myself with homework , school work , anything i can find to do . maybe its just my fate then that we wont be able to go on any longer . it might end anytime , anyday from now onwards . i just cant take it anymore . its just too much ..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haihhs .

today's science common test was so dissapointing ! Ughh !
it was so damn bloody difficult okays ..
anyway ..
today in sch so funny siol !
keep teasing H&B .
hee ;]
they are lyk so ps lorh ! xD
lawls .
then after common test ,
boardedd the bus with felicia , hanyi , serene , shaun , khaiteng .
all of us went to ws , except felicia , lols !
1st , went into the NG , ( a shop FYI , not my surname -.- )
then khaiteng bought a ear thingy , pink one , lols .
then he wantedd to buy a cigar box ,
which after much persuading , ( actually threatenin )
finally went to WS , bata to buy hanyi shoe .
then came out met mummy , ahma and perry outside sakae sushi ;]
went to kopitiam and had so much laughin there , HAHA !
then finally went home .
on the mrt with serene and khaiteng was even worse !
i laughedd lyk a mad cow -.-
lawls , so funn day !
and OMFG , tmr maths common test ! Arghh !
but , i dont care , dont wanna study ;]
i go lerhhs , sayonaras ! xD

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Brandonn Steadd .

It Isnt Your Fault ;]

brandonn ..
dont so sadd lerhh lahhs ><
im sure you can achieve her ;]
and the her !
dont so heartless nehhs >< D;
try to accept himm ? O_O
he's not that badd larhh seriously ..
im sure he suits you , right ? ;]
cann larhh !
hais , i will support you derhh Brandonn !
anyway ..

aii !

Uhh !

OMG ! had english common test today !
it's sooooo stressful ! luckily i finishedd in time ! xD
science is my worst subject of all !
all the parts and numbers andd atom stuffs ..
just let god bless me uhhs ><
dont feel lyk studying lerhh !
anyway , found another person to take mrt home with me !
poor soul , need to wake so early to come sch uhh !
same fate narhhs xD
haha , kinda cool day ,
except for all the flu and sorethroat ,
it got better anyway ;]

Sunday, March 8, 2009


wow , ths blog took me bloody long to do ! ( Uhh ! )
but its the coolest one i've ever made !
hahas ;] i love it too much !
its a lil' laggy ,
so sorry if i laggedd you ! ;X
anyways , TAGGGG !

Awws !

hais , serious case of flu ! Arghh !
cant breath normally , feels so ... UNCOMFORTABLE .
Grr , all thanks to janice neo wei ting ,
forcedd me to slp in a 18degree aircon room .
wow ! i SURVIVEDD . lawls .
thinkin of change blogskin , it looks strange ,
cause i dont lyk chinese words -.-
might change soon , keep updating ;]

Friday, March 6, 2009


new phone , got it today !
soooooooo cool !
ima soooo love it mann ;DD
it's just too hard for me to take it .
im soo happy that i can jump off the building !
holy ..!
feel free to msg me yohh ;]
90018078's the number !

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AHHHHHHH ! Pooh Madness !

see that super kawaii winnie the pooh on my bedd ?!
its given by Shaun Dearie !
omg , so super duper cute !
so happy siahh , not only that , he also gave me sushi and lolipop ;]
lawls , sooooooooooo cool !
im going madd , because its too cute !
2nd biggest Pooh in my house ;] MUAHAAAS .
smaller thanks to serene and felicia lahh , SEE THIS ? HAPPY ?!
lawls ! i will rmb wad you said ;]
kawaiiness !
ima go off , to play ! xD
byes !

♥ahhSHUU '

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


YAY ! choir was cancelledd last minute andd i dono why xD
still , very gladd it was cancelledd .
today sch was a total anger in the morning .
dont let me see her , if i have the chance , i would slap her .
say me make felicia go badd , andd say i got bf to MsLie .
you don even noe the truth you at there jiaowei so much for wadd ?
even if so , if your precious daughter dont want to do it ,
there's no way i can force her to go your so calledd "bad" .
use your butt to think if you cant use your brain lahh you BIATCH .
act so good in front of me got wad fcuk use ?
you and your jiaobin , everything blame me only .
nbm , skip you , say anymore i no mood liao .
anyway , lessons went on as for usual ,
with serene drama-in next to me whole day ,
and the fauzi acting lyk a retard in the class .
went to slack after sch at ws ;]
so many things happenedd !
i shall post what happenedd in the next post , too lazy narhhs !
okays , late liao , ima go off ;]

♥ahhSHUU ;]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another sadd Incident .

busy-edd with CestLaVie ths few days .
kinda funn , but embarassing . SUPER .
but , happy times endd super quickly .
at the end of the actual CLV ,
something happenedd ,
which brought my mood down .
i do not feel lyk talkin abt wad happenedd ,
but its just too hart-breakin .
i dono why it happenedd , it just did ,
without warning or wadsoeva .
i dono wad i did wrongly ...
if i did something that offendedd you ,
im seriously sorry , but do you have to do that ?
hais , ths is wad i call life .
anything can happen anytime , anywhere .
how i hope things would be the same ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday ..

today something super unpleasant happenedd .
its just too sad ! i can hardly take it .
i do not want to state wad happen , because its best to be a secret .
it didnt only make me feel sadd , it happenedd to alot of ppl .
i dont know why nowadays teenagers have to be so hot-temperedd !
i seriously is disappointedd , i have no idea why ..
tho the punishment isnt that servere , it's still ..
simple to say , they're blacklistedd .
pls , dont give up on yourself mummy ..
make me feel so sad you noe .. hais ..
hope all of you , will mend your ways ;]
pls , it isn't good for you and your future .
hope the ppl will give you guys a sceond chance ,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guess Wadd ?

well , here's some video of wad we did , when we were too boredd waiting for the CLV rehearsal ! super funny for us , for you , i dono ;] enjoy !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BB-Freakss !

hi , and im back to update my bloggy .
hmm .. the clique thing seem to be solvedd ,
andd .. im just too glad ;]
well , back to the subject yeahh ;]
wow ! today was so friggin fun !
was suppose to wake at 10am today ,
but i actually woke at 8am + ,
and i was too boredd ,
so i playedd around until 10am ,
then i go prepare everything to go out .
noticing i was too early ,
i walked super slowly to the MRT .
then i purposely miss one train , and waited 5mins for it .
contactedd eddie , and he said he still at home ,
WTF !!
then i boardedd the next train ,
msg-edd felicia to ask if she can go ,
but her mum dont allow ,
which i find it friggin retardding .
i seriously start to hate felicia's mum .
blame me and say i make felicia go badd .
asshole auntie , think twice .
i way better then you .
anyway , it turn out that they dont care if felicia rot in the hse .
then reachedd PasirRis ,
contactedd eddie again ,
then he say he still at his hse voiddeck !
lawls , he said he was waiting for jonathan's brother ,
so , okay , i hung up and went inside whitesands .
walkedd around and around ,
too boredd , and went to the toilet ,
lock inside the cubicle ,
sat there lyk an asshole , which was friggin retardedd .
then hanyi reachedd the toilet ,
then i came out and we walkedd around .
eddie then calledd , and we met him and john at 2nd level Mac .
then eddie and john go buy slippers ,
me and hanyi go Mac buy my breakfast .
then we walkedd to the ws entrance , waited and waited ,
they still haven come ,
then i call him , and !
he and john was waiting at the Mac entrance .
then we met , hanyi went to take bus to sch cause she got guides ,
then me , eddie and john walked to the bbc ,
somemore i haven had breakfast yet mann ,
almost diedd .
then reach there , sat down there ,
ate my burger half way ,
perrybf came , and they playedd ,
then rainedd , movedd under the voiddeck ,
then few minutes later it stoppedd -.-
then i sat there eating while the boys continuedd playing ,
then perrybf play until halfway the ball hit his nose ,
then he nose bleed , so funnehh siahh ,
1st time i see something like this .
haha , then i finishedd eating , i sat there seeing them play .
then seriously very sian liao , then i go the court and sat there ,
sending things from eddie's phone .
then send finish , watch watch watch ,
then perrybf and eddie came and sit with me ,
talk talk talk , play and play ,
then suddenly the damn ass john ,
shoot donwan shoot properly , shoot lyk then headshot me .
almost turnedd into a LuoHan fish -.-
sooooo pain siahh !
then they continuedd playin ,
and i continuedd waiting for serene , and finally she came !
we play play , then walk to mamashop buy drinks .
then boys all bully me ,
call me buy , 2 HUGE bottles of drinks + my small one ,
i carry until hand pain -.-
i still discount them siahh ! so good right !
then they play play ,
adeline camee !
then we playedd match , soooo funnehhh siahh ,
even tho we lost -.-
then more and more ppl came , then playedd somemore !
play play play , then go play block catching .
so funnehh siahh , and scary , and thrilling !
make me ansd serene wanna pee ,
then we surrender and went to adeline's house pee , hahaha .
the nwent back nv play liao , sit there slack ,
then perrybf went back , and we slack there somemore ,
until hanyi comes back from her guides ,
but then we goin to leave liao , haha .
then walkedd to the bus stop and met perrybf .
took the bus and train with serene and perrybf .
so many funny things happen siahh !
then my stop liao , alightedd and went back home .
here i am , pissedd off by my parents .
WAD'S WRONG WITH THEM ?! wadever lahh ,
piss me first then come say i giv attitude ,
wad go out today then come back changedd ,
wan ground me , TRY LAHH .
i run away from home someday if i cannot take it .
ground me lahh , geii kiang . bloody bastard and bitch .
you these FUCK-the and MAA-ther ,
i dono wad i did to deserve you 2 .
why must you interfere with my personal stuffs ?!
always tell me dont kaypohh ppl , then you ownself do it .
you have no stand to do that okay .
play bb only you say until lyk i go geylang call gigglo liddat ,
everything blame me only , as if its all my fault .
wud you guys just stop over-reacting ?
call me open door must knock 1st ,
i care if you're dancin nakedd in then room or wadd ,
that's wad you're pro in .
blame , blame , blame . all blame me lahh , my fault !
zzz , fcukkedd up by you 2 lahh ,
make my mood slide to the worse .
just gimme money and do all the chores and im sastisfiedd .
i WONT appreciate . never .
i shall post till here , if i go on ,
i'll jump off the building .
Bye .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Worse Frendd

i found out today that im the worse fren anyone would ever have . i treat ppl lyk slaves , act cute , act big , proud and all the negative things you will every think of . im all of that , mixedd up tgt to make a ME . im sorry to all the ppl , that noe me , yes , stay away from me , i'll bring you harm . i suckk to the core , and im thw worse student that teachers will ever get . all the teachers are good , im the problematic person . i fuss too much , expected too much . i seriously hate myself , i suck the most , among all my frends . im here to apologise to all the ppl that i've scold you before . its my fault , yes , ITS ALL MY FAULT . blame me all you want , scold me all you want , hate me all you want . i deserve them all . alright , will not be updating my blog for some time .

- aishu

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quizzy ;]

Well , this quiz isn't exactly taggedd by FeliciaGF , but due to the boredom , i decidedd to do it ;] Here goes ;]

Name : Ng Ai Shu
Height : Last Measuredd 167cm
Where do you live : Singapore
Favourite Drink : Milo ;]

Have you ever :
- been on a plane ; yeahh
- fallen asleep in sch ; yeahh
- broken someone's hart ; probably ..
- fell off your chair ; yeahh
- sat by the phone whole night waiting for someone to call ; nahh
- savedd emails ; probably yes , cant really remember ><
- had chickenpox ; nahh
- had a sorethroat ; yeahh
- broken your nose ; NO !
- believe in love at first sight ; totally ;]
- liked picnics ; everything except all ths insects
- what is your room like ; a garbage dump
- last thing you ate ; Nerdz Candy , and still eating
- last person you dancedd with ; nv had any
- last person who made you smile ; my dad , he said i neededd conselling o.o
- last person you last yelled at ; my dad , he wont stop saying me

Today did you :
- talk to someone you like ; probably , i dont know !
- kiss anyone ; hell no
- get sick ; nahh
- miss someone ; maybe not
- eat ; dumb question , of course

Random :
- is there a person who is on your mind now ?
? actually no ..
- do you have any sibilings ?
? 3 step sibilings .
- do you want children ?
? probably
- do you smile often ?
? no , i laugh more
- do you like your handwriting ?
? N-O , no .
- are your toenails paintedd ?
? nahh .
- who's bed other than your's would you rather sleep in ?
? my boyfriend's
- what colour shirt are you wearing now ?
? purple
- what were you doing at 7pm yesterday ?
? i forgot o.o
- do you sleep with stuffedd animals ?
? yes of course
- what's under your bed ?
? an empty bed plank
- who do you really hate ?
? no one for the period
- what time is it now ?
? 7.24pm
- are you a friendly person ?
? yahh !
- do you have any pets ?
? nope ..
- where is the person you have feelings for right now ?
? at his house probably ?
- did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you ?
? i forgot who last held my hands o.o
- do you sleep with the TV on ?
? sometimes ;X
- have you ever crawledd throught a window ?
? nahh ..
- are you too forgiving ?
? i dont think i am .
- are you closer to your mother or your father ?
? my dad ;DD
- who was the last person you criedd in front of ?
? ruisheng didi
- how many ppl can you say you really love ?
? all my ganns , friends , and families ;]
- do you eat healthy ?
? sometimes, yes ;]
- have you ever cried because of something someone said to you ?
? yes !
- if you're havin a bad day , who would you most likely to go to ?
? my Bibi Bear ;]
- are you loud or quiet most of the time ?
? 3/4 of the time loud , wad do you think ?
- are you confident ?
? never .
- pass ths survey to 10 ppl :
1. Perry
2. Eddie
3. Shalote
4. Lynn
5. Hanyi
6. Shawn
7. Brian
8. Khai Teng
9. Clifton
10. YOU !


whew , finally finish >< hahahas ;]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2nd Post !

heyy , 2nd post yeahh ;]
On Wednesday 130209 :
went to sch early in the mornin . gifted gifts for my valentines ! then preparedd for the performance >< it was sooooo nerve-wreckin ! i was sooo nervous .. when it was my turn , i was lyk waited for the rapers and the rapedd to settle into their place , then i started reading . i worriedd i would forget , but i didnt ! wow ! so cool right ! lawls , then i sat down , and felt relaxedd ! i think my voice sounds weird when i speak into the mic , lawls ! then all the teachers say it was great , and funnehh ! hahahahs ! anyway , for your info , the rapedd was change from evelyn to serene . serene seriously act as if she was rapedd . even on the mrt on 120209 , she act havin depression and tried not to laugh , but alot of things made her laugh , lyk some rdm ppl some and lie on the glass panel , then the butt flat flat then serene see she laugh , then the person sittin opposite of us were starrin at serene as if she was madd , and i laughedd very loud , yeahh , lyk an madd ass ! so funnehh mann ! then after all the teacher's comments , we went back to class , and it was maths ! i felt maths was too boring , so i took out the choco cherry gave me , and startedd eating and sharedd with serene and garey . so funnehh lorhh ! i was lyk stuffin them the chocos even when they still have in their hands . then it was PE , i suddenly found out i nv bring O.O then they all went to change , then came back to class , and that was when the fire alarm rang ! we took such a hella long tym to line up , and we walkedd to the sky-court or something , rdm , lyk islands , drifting here and there , then we sat down . then it was so borinnn ~ then i started ticklin lynn , SOOOOO FUNNEHHHHHH ~ then playedd playedd playedd , seriously was too boredd , then me and shalote did something that was soooo sooo really lame . WE PLAYEDD VAMPIRE ;DD so funny , then ppl were lyk lookin , then we quickly stop , hahaha , but then it was tym to go back . then went back , MrAnwar nv came , andd we spent the few mins slackin , and changed when the bell rang . recess WAS HELL . the food was lyk " eew " , and we didnt caredd . then kimberly came with the sweet potato soup , and it tastes good ! and changed it with the coupon , hahahaha ! then went up , eng ~ had a test ! so bloody hard , hardly anyone did a draft , i was soo tiredd , i quickly finish and slp -.- before i slp it was ms teri lim , but i was woken by mrs ng voice , SO SCARY ! then it was history ~~ studiedd stuidedd , then mr idris show us the video of the song " because im a girl " korea version . touchin indeed ;] then AFTERSCHHHHHH ~ met perrybf , mummy , khaiteng and yahdiman there . then yahdiman disappearedd , then i walked out with felicia .. then perrybf they all alrdy at the bus stop -.- then he gimme a heart choco ~ sorry lahh , was just jokin when i said it was small xD THANKS ;D then he donwan go mac lorhh , then me and felicia met phyllis and went there . then perrybf msg me , say wad wad wad , then i angry him , haha , then he say he come . we orderedd our food liao and started eatin , then he and khaiteng came . retardedd ! eddie and gang came earlier , then it was the NCC boys , last . we eat eat eat , and they suddenly play the FriesThrowinGame o.o i was soooo innocent ! then all come throw me -.- meanies !!! then they all eat finish pangsehh us !! then we walked all around , phyllis left , then saw kt and bryan opposite at the bus stop . went over , perrybf calledd , and said he at the bus stop in front , andd we boardedd the 358 and met him in front . plannedd to go felicia house downstairs slack one , but her parents DIE also donwan let her go . then perrybf alight at some stop , before he go he slap me siahh , so badd ! then i go to felicia house ~ and camwhore herself with the stuff toys , 2 pics only , haha !

lawls , one of them is perrybf , webcam him the night before , which is 120209 , and took it ! FUNNEHHHHHHHHHHHH ~ hahaha , then went home at abt 4 plus ~ tiredd .. hahaa , boring yohh ! ima go off >< buaiis ;]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shock Of Felicia's Life

in ths 1st post , i will post the pictures taken from the WWII trail , which is so long ago , and i was lazy to post it before , muahahahas ! felicia posted te candid pics of me , so i shall post her unglam photos here too , THS IS SUCH A SWT REVENGE ! muahahhas , enjoys ! ;]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009